Outsourcing Consultant – A Necessity in Today’s Times

An outsourcing consultant is often a firm’s connection to the outsourcing industry. In an era when outsourcing is experiencing its full boom, it is easy to be overwhelmed in the maze of vendors. Although consultant fees sometimes clearly shows up as expenditure it is a small cost paid to reap long lasting benefits that cannot be accounted for by direct monetary benefits. There are tremendous logistics involved in signing a contract with a vendor for projects or specific functions. One needs an expert to help out in zeroing in on the right vendor, whose working style and fees suit the requirement.

The last thing a firm can afford is miscommunication with the outsourcing vendor. Many times deadlines have been missed and requirements not gathered properly. This is because of the communication gap between the firm’s management in one region and the vendor in another region. An outsourcing consultant who is well versed with the local industry, expertise and way of working could be the bridge in dealing with the vendors.

Often a vendor with seemingly lower charges per hour could end up as more expensive than one with a higher charges, mostly due to hidden costs and disclaimers. A consultant is the right person to deal in such matters and they could finalize the right vendor given the condition of the industry and the overhead expected.

Outsourcing consultant is also useful because of the wealth of data he/she possesses. They are experts on the industry with contacts everywhere. They are a one stop shop to know everything a firm needs to know from how many vendors are available for the given job, to what the rates are, what the common practices and unsaid rules are and how long it could take to finish the job. They could also help in chalking out the right timelines and hence strike a deal. For firms setting up offices, they are a huge benefit as the project requires varieties of vendors for various jobs and dealing with them could be full of hassles for those new to the region.

An outsourcing consultant could also be the problem manager for a firm who could usually sit onboard to deliver a time critical project. The consultant, with the expertise to deal with the resources from a vendor, is useful because of the trust factor that is bestowed by the firm and the vendor at the same time. Also the planning and two way communication augurs well for a project. The consultant brings accountability to the job as the results are important for their career and reputation. They are an essentiality when it comes to dealing with vendors that charge by the hour and are more concerned about the billing than the quality of the work.

All in all an outsourcing consultant is a must for any firm looking to outsource its work especially in uncharted territories. It’s a good cushion to reduce the risk of messing up with important projects on tight schedules, without putting much pressure on the top brass of the firm.