You Need a 21st Century Online Marketing Consultant

Choosing to invest in marketing consulting for your business, whether large or small and whether online or offline, is a wise move — provided you choose the right marketing consultant. Consultants who specialise in marketing in the 21st century need to have several qualities and skills, especially when it comes to online marketing. Read on for some skills to look for, when making your choice. 20th century marketing specialists who have not evolved just won’t cut it.


Search engine optimisation, the act of optimising your site so that search engines notice you, is essential in online marketing. Does your consultant know much about SEO? You need someone who has expert skills in navigating the complexities of things like: meta tags, permalink structure, blogging, site maps, and the like.

A skilled online marketing consultant can help you maximise the potential of search engines through organic indexings. Being organically indexed in search engines provides you with the most valuable source of traffic — traffic that clicks your link because they believe you have what they want.

Social Media

It’s not enough to be found on the search engines any longer. You need to engage your customers and potential customers otherwise you are missing out on opportunities to build brand loyalty and a following. A social marketing campaign is a great way to capture attention of people using the social sphere to influence their buying decisions. A skilled marketing consultant knows how to do social marketing to help you.

Competitive Analysis

When you market online, transparency is a fact. You can see what your competitors are doing and vice versa. A marketing expert knows how to do competitive analysis to help you outrank your competition and help you increase your market share.

Online marketing is the way of the future. Even if you don’t sell something on your website, you want your customers and potential customers to visit your website. Not only can it advertise and gain customers but you can use it for gathering business intelligence and making decisions that will help you keep your business model from becoming archaic.

Marketing consultants who promise results should be able to back up their claims with real results and help you navigate the complexities of areas such as: SEO, pay per click marketing, Google analytics, and social media optimisation. Before you outsource your marketing, be sure that you find the right individual to help you increase your chances of online success.