You Need a 21st Century Online Marketing Consultant

Choosing to invest in marketing consulting for your business, whether large or small and whether online or offline, is a wise move — provided you choose the right marketing consultant. Consultants who specialise in marketing in the 21st century need to have several qualities and skills, especially when it comes to online marketing. Read on for some skills to look for, when making your choice. 20th century marketing specialists who have not evolved just won’t cut it.


Search engine optimisation, the act of optimising your site so that search engines notice you, is essential in online marketing. Does your consultant know much about SEO? You need someone who has expert skills in navigating the complexities of things like: meta tags, permalink structure, blogging, site maps, and the like.

A skilled online marketing consultant can help you maximise the potential of search engines through organic indexings. Being organically indexed in search engines provides you with the most valuable source of traffic — traffic that clicks your link because they believe you have what they want.

Social Media

It’s not enough to be found on the search engines any longer. You need to engage your customers and potential customers otherwise you are missing out on opportunities to build brand loyalty and a following. A social marketing campaign is a great way to capture attention of people using the social sphere to influence their buying decisions. A skilled marketing consultant knows how to do social marketing to help you.

Competitive Analysis

When you market online, transparency is a fact. You can see what your competitors are doing and vice versa. A marketing expert knows how to do competitive analysis to help you outrank your competition and help you increase your market share.

Online marketing is the way of the future. Even if you don’t sell something on your website, you want your customers and potential customers to visit your website. Not only can it advertise and gain customers but you can use it for gathering business intelligence and making decisions that will help you keep your business model from becoming archaic.

Marketing consultants who promise results should be able to back up their claims with real results and help you navigate the complexities of areas such as: SEO, pay per click marketing, Google analytics, and social media optimisation. Before you outsource your marketing, be sure that you find the right individual to help you increase your chances of online success.

Be Free From Worries – Hire a Wedding Consultant

All people desire a perfect wedding. However, a wedding can never be successful without putting some effort to actualize it. It is very typical for an upcoming husband and wife to undergo hectic schedules just to patch up some things that are necessary for a wedding preparation. Although a preparation for a wedding can be so occupying, it does not mean that you will have to stress out yourself. Planning is the key for a successful wedding celebration.

Couples cannot disregard the pressure felt as their wedding is fast approaching. Well, it cannot be avoided that they will have to worry even the smallest detail of the wedding. As much as possible, they want it to be perfect and with no flaws. Wedding must be done with a vast quantity of time used for delving and planning. Some people find planning to be so intimidating. Others take it as a challenge and are so positive with the call, thus they see it as a kind of venture to comply.

How to plan a wedding? Modern brides have their own career and they are more exposed on how weddings are organized. There is no argument too if I would say that all brides want to make their wedding memorable. The average time required in planning a wedding is 200 hours and above. Some brides opt to appoint a skilled wedding consultant to facilitate their wedding because it offers an intelligent management on time and on money.

Why is it wise to invest on wedding consultant? Generally, hiring a wedding expert is one best way of utilizing a budget. Some brides may find it exaggerating thinking that it will cost them another ton of money. Ironic to what they believe, hiring a consultant makes an affordable cost for roughly any bride’s entire budget. Wedding consultants are often paid between 10-15 percent of the overall wedding expenses. Nevertheless, you will have a net savings ranging 10-15 percent when you have an association with skilled vendors. In this manner, it will be advantageous to get her services rather than doing it on your own. Hiring a consultant is not an extravagance. Nowadays, a wedding consultant has become significant personnel.

If you want to be freed from worry, pass the burden to someone more knowledgeable. Simply discuss with a wedding expert your preferred style, including your wishes and ideas for your wedding. Be specific with your allowable budget. It is also important that you inform her about your wedding date, reception venue, and any other partialities that you want to see on your wedding.

Another good thing about wedding consultants is that they can save significant amount of time in looking the appropriate vendors with the appropriate price. Because of her line of business, she had gathered enough access on proven vendors. It is the responsibility of a consultant to negotiate prices until it fits in your budget.

Knowing all the potential benefits that you can get in hiring a wedding consultant, would not it be justifiable enough to hire one on your wedding?

Outsourcing Consultant – A Necessity in Today’s Times

An outsourcing consultant is often a firm’s connection to the outsourcing industry. In an era when outsourcing is experiencing its full boom, it is easy to be overwhelmed in the maze of vendors. Although consultant fees sometimes clearly shows up as expenditure it is a small cost paid to reap long lasting benefits that cannot be accounted for by direct monetary benefits. There are tremendous logistics involved in signing a contract with a vendor for projects or specific functions. One needs an expert to help out in zeroing in on the right vendor, whose working style and fees suit the requirement.

The last thing a firm can afford is miscommunication with the outsourcing vendor. Many times deadlines have been missed and requirements not gathered properly. This is because of the communication gap between the firm’s management in one region and the vendor in another region. An outsourcing consultant who is well versed with the local industry, expertise and way of working could be the bridge in dealing with the vendors.

Often a vendor with seemingly lower charges per hour could end up as more expensive than one with a higher charges, mostly due to hidden costs and disclaimers. A consultant is the right person to deal in such matters and they could finalize the right vendor given the condition of the industry and the overhead expected.

Outsourcing consultant is also useful because of the wealth of data he/she possesses. They are experts on the industry with contacts everywhere. They are a one stop shop to know everything a firm needs to know from how many vendors are available for the given job, to what the rates are, what the common practices and unsaid rules are and how long it could take to finish the job. They could also help in chalking out the right timelines and hence strike a deal. For firms setting up offices, they are a huge benefit as the project requires varieties of vendors for various jobs and dealing with them could be full of hassles for those new to the region.

An outsourcing consultant could also be the problem manager for a firm who could usually sit onboard to deliver a time critical project. The consultant, with the expertise to deal with the resources from a vendor, is useful because of the trust factor that is bestowed by the firm and the vendor at the same time. Also the planning and two way communication augurs well for a project. The consultant brings accountability to the job as the results are important for their career and reputation. They are an essentiality when it comes to dealing with vendors that charge by the hour and are more concerned about the billing than the quality of the work.

All in all an outsourcing consultant is a must for any firm looking to outsource its work especially in uncharted territories. It’s a good cushion to reduce the risk of messing up with important projects on tight schedules, without putting much pressure on the top brass of the firm.

How to Start a Wedding Consultant Business

If you love planning magnificent events and enjoy the romance and flair of a wedding, becoming a bridal consultant may be a perfect career choice. A bridal consultant sees to the needs of a bride from the beginning of the planning process until the married couple rides off into the sunset. In order to start your own bridal consultant business, there are many things to learn.Step One:

Become an expert. Many Bridal Consultants worked within the wedding industry (bridal shop, flowers, and reception venues) before becoming a consultant, so they already have first-hand knowledge. Whether you are seasoned in the wedding world or you are new to it, it is important to know all of the quality vendors in your area. Build relationships with them by visiting their businesses and asking questions. Establish a network of your most trusted suppliers. The more business you send to your favorite vendors, the better service (and prices) they are likely to provide. Develop a database full of all wedding-related providers so that you can offer multiple suggestions to your bridal clients.

Step Two:

Study up on wedding trends, etiquette, and creative ideas. Read magazines and websites and attend bridal shows to remain up-to-date on your advice. Attend other weddings to add to your file of ideas and record any mistakes or problems that you can avoid or overcome in your own business.

Step Three:

Develop your people skills. Bridal Consultants must deal with hundreds of details and thousands of emotions to carry off an impeccable wedding celebration. Therefore, they must be skilled in dealing with people, offering solutions to problems, and navigating potential pitfalls. Overall they must work well under pressure.

Step Four:

Become an adept money manager. With an average wedding costing $20,000 or more, it is highly important for a new businessperson to be skilled at managing, and stretching, the bride’s budget. Using your newfound people skills, you will negotiate for the best prices and make a low-budget wedding look like that of an heiress. As a business owner, the bridal consultant must also be able to manage one’s own business finances.

Step Five:

Set your rates and plan your income. Most wedding coordinators make 10 to 15 percent of the wedding budget, but some operate on an hourly rate. An average wedding would take about 35 hours of coordinating. The wedding business is seasonal, so your main income will be earned from May through October. Many bridal consultants offer other party-planning services during the slow wedding months.

Step Six:

Build your portfolio with clients from successful weddings. Add letters of reference, pictures, and include all of the vendors used and decisions made. This will aid you in developing future events, but it will also prove your abilities to future clients.

Why Hire a Landscape Professional Consultant?

As a landscaped designer and consultant, people frequently come up to me with numerous questions regarding their garden problems and what they can do to solve them.

Since I tend to be a social kind of guy, I usually take some time to try and answer their questions for them on the spot, but most of the time it is best that I visit their home and see for myself what the underlying issues really are.

I often hear about the hard work they put into gardening, and the woes that seem to mount up every year, and how discouraged they become watching their lawn develop browning out areas, or how their rhododendrons suffer so much die back during the winter, or when should they cut back their deciduous shrubs because they are growing at a rapid rate and are becoming unsightly.

These are questions that have numerous causes as to why they develop in the first place, and oftentimes are difficult to answer in a simple few minutes of time spent in a grocery store parking lot.

Normally I suggest an on site consult so that I can see for myself the circumstances they are up against, and can come to some conclusion as to what the problem is, why it happened in the first place, and how they can remedy the situation themselves.

This is where my story begins.

Countless times, I find that people are intrigued with free information and think that gardening and planting should be simple to accomplish. but it’s not that simple. It involves lots of hard work and lots of research in planning and executing the final results.

I try to convince people that a quick consult will save them time, effort, and money in the long run, however when it comes to talking money, all of a sudden the garden isn’t such a project after all.

I shake my head in amazement at how they can be so concerned about their gardens and property, but when there is a price tag attached to information, they become squeamish and shy away from making any sort of commitment to the solution of their troubles.

So, they go on their way and who knows what ever happens.

At that point, I have given them about a half hour of free time and come away without any compensation for my experience and knowledge as a horticulturist.

What are people thinking when they approach an expert and begin loading them down with questions, then walk away free as a bird not offering any compensation for the time that I have spent with them? Do people not understand that as an expert in my field that this is my life’s work and what I depend on for my income?

Folks, landscaping is a science, an art form, and a tangible end product that results from experience and sensitivity to the special environment of your home in particular.

Every property owner has different issues that can propose future problems if not approached properly. Every land form and property changes from one yard to the one next door. It is not a wise decision to make, that any plant will work, or I can grow what I want and I expect it to grow. Not so…

You need to make proper decisions as to what will grow in your yard. Are there any land formations that could possibly cause drainage problems and cause my birch tree to die unless I rectify the problem?

These are questions that can be answered and should be answered by an expert, one who knows for certain if and what your yard will accommodate for plantings and design.

I speak with people all the time about consulting a professional, be it myself or someone else in the field, which can solve issues before they happen.

When making a consideration to spend a large amount of money, anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to a much larger amount of money on their yard, does a couple hundred dollars for a design and consultation seem so outrageous to make sure the job is planned and planted properly to begin with?

Think of it as an insurance policy that unlike most policies, end at the end of the year and you have spent hundreds of dollars for nothing but assurance that your home or life will be protected.

This is an insurance policy that comes with expert advice and an on going relationship with an expert that can and will sacrifice time to answer your questions, simply because you made a wise decision to hire him in the first place.

With this said, you now have a landscape you can be proud of and will grow proportionately over the years. In 3-5 years you won’t be ripping your hair out because your lawn guy planted a 40 foot arborvitae in from of your picture window.

I would urge you, as a professional and one who cares about your home landscape, to consider consulting a professional consultant prior to hiring or deciding on someone to plant your landscape for you.

Chet Stentiford, horticulturist and consultant with over 30 years experience in the horticultural field.

As a member of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and The Garden Club federation of Massachusetts, I have exhibited award winning gardens at the New England Spring Flower Shows in Boston and have been awarded numerous awards of merit including the Silver & Bronze medals of Merit for Garden Design Excellence.

Benefits of SEO Consultants That Offer Services As Experts

If time travel were possible, anyone who lived before the information technology age would marvel at the advances this technology has brought to us. It has become increasingly popular to buy items that you require from the Internet and pay for them online. You no longer have to make physical contact with your supplier. All you need to do is make your purchase, send the money and wait for the delivery.

Competition amongst businesses to be the winner of obtaining online orders has increased dramatically with the advances in technology. There are so many companies and individuals offering the same services or goods. The competition is no longer local, it is national or international. To make it in this highly competitive environment you must make use of the available online marketing strategies available. Amongst these is search engine optimization marketing. There are two available forms of search engine marketing: Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many companies use the pay per click system but even more have realized the benefit of using the search engine optimization, especially when it is done by SEO experts or SEO consultants. SEO consultants alter the content of your website to better fit the standards of the popular search engines requirements. They may even go further to change the site coding and the external links pointing to your site. This is all aimed at improving the ranking of the website. By improving the ranking of the site, you increase the traffic to the site.

Although it may cost you a good amount of money to hire talented work for optimizing your website, it will not cost you a penny every time a visitor accesses your website having found it in search engine results down the road. The reason that talented providers charge a lot is because businesses are willing to pay a decent amount for someone that can improve online business long term. PPC advertising requires that you pay a certain amount every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement even if you don’t make a sale from the visit.

If you receive top ranking after hiring SEO consultants to work on your website, this ranking should last a while, or possibly for a very long time. This means that unlike other forms of advertising, SEO has long lasting benefits. It is therefore more cost effective since you only pay the SEO consultants once or monthly for their work but continue to enjoy the benefits of high ranking over a long period of time.

When people use search engines, they believe that the websites that appear in the results have been approved by the search engines. Using effective SEO consultants to perform SEO on your website will result in larger amounts of traffic and online business. People who perform the searches are more likely to trust the information they acquire from your website if it is has high ranking in the search engines.

Although attracting people to your website using SEO can take a while, the long term benefits of having SEO consultants perform your search optimization is worth the time and the money you will invest. In addition you can place advertisements on your site that will earn you money (such as Google AdSense) when people click on them.

How to Avoid a Disastrous Experience at the Hands of a Mentor-Coach-Consultant

Are you one of the many who is plumb sick and tired of working for someone whose I.Q. equals the calories in a lettuce leaf? For an organization that mouths promises about Promoting From Within, while having a dozen ads on Whose idea of a Good Company Person is an employee who sits for hours in fruitless company meetings, then spends the rest of their waking hours trying to get the actual work done? And who……well, you can put in your own words from here out.

The point is, you have lots of smarts, plenty of ambition and the energy to go with it. You even have a terrific idea for a business you can do from home, with little more equipment than your recently-upgraded, spiffy, speedy computer, your newish printer, and a few accessories.

What you don’t have is the marketing expertise or the technical computer knowledge that is essential to transform your idea into the money to live on.

You’ve read the hype on those websites that assure you that unless you know all about This & That & The Other essential skill, you’ll never make it in the commercial Internet world like Mentor-Coach-Consultant did by expensive Trial and Error. And you read the pages that describe all his mistakes, which culminated in his triumphant success and his $450,000-a-month-no-work-residual income.

Pages and pages of testimonials decorated with Smiling Faces assure you of the Mentor’s unparalleled professionalism and honesty and that the aforementioned Smiling Faces would never have succeeded without You Know Who.

And of course, only by getting The Person to impart his voluminous hard-won knowledge to you do you have the chance of a snail in a French restaurant to do anything but lose your shirt in the struggle to survive.

You sign up for the Free Newsletter, the Free Consultation and anything else that gives you hope.

Then start the phone calls. The first is from The Qualifier. That person’s task is to make certain that you feel moderately stupid–too stupid to find your way by yourself, but not too stupid to do it with the help of The Mentor-Coach-Consultant.

Also, to find out if you have the money to pay The Mentor-Coach-Consultant and henchpersons.

Then comes the By-appointment call from the Person Himself. From here on be on your guard; This person’s goood!

As a great believer in the real value of a good mentor-coach-consultant, I want to give you some thinking material to help you avoid the disastrous experience some of us have had.

If you have money to burn and total faith in everyone, this may not apply to you. If, however, you’re short on money or faith, and the project must be completed by a particular time, listen up!

1. Take notes and, if permissible, record every word of both the Qualifying Call and the following Sales Calls. You’ll be overwhelmed by the hyperbole and the promises and assurances, and will want to go back and check on what you think you heard, as opposed to what was actually said.

2. Before you pay money, get the specific promises and the specific steps of the project in an e-mail from Mentor-Coach-Consultant. This is imperative!

3. After you know the specific steps, request an e-mail giving a time-line for completion of each step. Most of the work will involve things you yourself have to attend to. Be willing to make a commitment for your part.

4. Find out if various parts of your project will be farmed out.

  • For example, if Your Mentor is to furnish you with a copywriter, find out who and how much experience he/she has and if he/she already has too many projects going.
  • Check to see if the Webmaster is experienced and has time to give your project the priority it requires.
  • E-mail those helpers and tell them your Completion Date and confirm that they’re able to make that date.
  • Go to the website of the Hosting Company and figure out what questions you need to ask regarding their service.
  • 5. If there’s to be coaching about marketing your site, be sure you’re going to actually have a site in time to apply the coaching advice! I was promised a completed and SEO’d e-commerce site in three weeks (believable because my webmaster friend did hers in four days.). This took 6 months! By the time my site was actually operational, I’d forgotten much of the un-applied information, and some of it was now obsolete.)

    6. Get a firm, e-mailed Date of Completion from the Mentor. Don’t let this slip!

    7. Just before the subject of the fee comes up take deep deep breaths, a sip of water (if you can swallow) and have your heart monitor close at hand.

    8. We’ll assume you survive the announcement of an amount of money that would keep you in house payments and organic food for 20 years.

    9. Now this is the hard part; you’ve got to negotiate payment so that you pay a portion of the fee as each step is completed. If the Mentor-Coach-Consultant will not do this, think very very hard before hiring this person. The few Mentors who are the Only Ones With the Solution are as scarce as wildflowers on a glacier–and may not exist at all.

    10. When Your Project is finished you may discover that you could really benefit by further services from Your Mentor. If that’s the case, be fair. Talk money again, and be willing to pay a reasonable amount. Even Your Mentor has house payments.

    I hope, dear Reader, that my unfortunate experience will help you avoid having your very own unfortunate experience.

    In some ways I lucked out. One of the people involved in my travesty took pity on me, and hung on ‘way past what was agreed upon for his part, freely giving me his time and his advice. The blessings of the Universe upon Shawn!

    Do keep in mind that most Mentor-Coach-Consultants are dandy people, essentially honest. But in their enthusiasm to increase their own incomes, they sometimes get carried away, promising this and that, and probably fully intending to produce whatever was promised. New opportunities pop up, though, and there’s never enough time…..

    And they’ve neglected to communicate the Completion Date to all the people involved in your Precious Project. Further, even though it is their responsibility, they also neglect to follow up on their Farmed-Outers to be sure that they’re not going to make a liar out of The Person by not doing their part of the Project.

    Help is a wonderful and often necessary part of life. Be sure that when you pay for it you get it!

    Live in wonder and joy!

    How Franchise Consultant Leads Can Help

    There are several ways to get the leads that you need to become successful. Franchise consultant leads can help you by supplying you with a list of qualified leads to choose from every day. It is hard to get the information that you want on your own but if you enlist the help of an experienced franchise consultant you can have all the leads delivered to you daily or weekly so you will know first hand which leads are right to pursue. This is key because the quality of your franchise leads will depend largely on the consultants knowledge of the franchising business.

    When you receive leads, you will get leads that are current and up to date. You should never get leads that are months old because things may have changed and the lead is no longer good. You should also get a few of the exclusive leads because you want to receive some of the perks of using this service. Exclusive leads, by nature, may not be steady but when you get one you will appreciate its authenticity.

    You should also receive your franchise leads from multiple sources. This will give you more of a selection then just from one source. You will receive franchise opportunities from the most name brand franchise companies and the ones that you don’t always hear about. This will give you a wide selection to choose from.

    Always make sure that you have access to guaranteed leads. These leads should include all the information necessary to help you make a decision as to whether you want to pursue the lead or not. This will save you a lot of time and money when you weed out the leads that you do not like.

    When you receive a franchise lead it should come with the contact information, capital to invest, date posted and more. To pay for your leads, it will depend on each franchise consultant. Most of them will offer you a certain amount of leads for a certain amount of money. You will also have the opportunity to pay for them in more than one way. This will increase your chances of working well with the franchise consultant. So both of you win and the results are positive.

    Leads may come in bundles that you can afford. The leads should all be legitimate and accessible to you. On occasions, there have been leads that did not provide a working telephone number. When this happens you can probably return the lead to get your money back.

    Franchise consultant leads can make your search for the right prospects easier and more effective, ruling out the ones that do not fit your profile or your interest. Franchise lead opportunities come around all the time but not all of them are right for you. Save yourself time by investing in quality franchise consultant leads.

    Can You Succeed As An Arbonne Consultant?

    Can you succeed as an Arbonne consultant? You betcha. Arbonne is a great company, in my opinion. And they have great skin care products. What I’m going to share with you are some tips that’ll show you how you can succeed as an Arbonne consultant.

    Arbonne Success Tip #1:

    The first tip that’ll help you succeed as an Arbonne consultant is pretty basic. It’s your willingness to work hard. I know that’s straightward. But here me out. Your willingness to work hard will weigh heavily on whether or not you succeed in Arbonne. If you’re only working your business as a hobby, then it may or may not grow. But if you’re serious about growing your business, it’ll grow into a successful business if you put in the time.

    What you should do is set aside some time each day to work your business. If it’s only 1 hour a day that you can spare, do it. You have to be consistent and persistent. And by doing this, you’ll see yourself begin to succeed in Arbonne.

    Arbonne Success Tip #2:

    The next thing you should do in order to succeed as an Arbonne consultant is to understand the benefits of your skin care products. By really understanding your products, you’ll be able to find and attract people who actually wants your products. Not everyone will want to buy your products, that’s why it’s important to understand the benefits.

    This will make it easy to succeed as an Arbonne consultant. You’ll have people approaching you, asking if they can buy products and join you in your business. When this happens, you’ll grow your Arbonne business consistently. And it’ll help you keep your retention rate high.

    Arbonne Success Tip #3:

    The third tip that’ll help you succeed as an Arbonne consultant is to track your business activities. If you’re passing out samples, business cards, or doing presentations, track those activities. If you’re passing out samples, track how much money you spent and how many people you gave it to. Then, track how many people called you and how many joined you in your Arbonne business.

    This will help you see whether or not your activities are profitable. If they’re not, try something else. Don’t keep wasting time and money on activities that don’t work. When you’re able to see what works, you can continue doing it, while showing your downline. This will help you two-fold. One, you’ll continue to grow your Arbonne business. And two, you’re downline will be growing theirs.

    This will make it easy for you to succeed as an Arbonne consultant.

    Use these tips to help you succeed in Arbonne. I have no doubt that you’ll succeed in this business. Just stay on track and watch how your business begins to grow.

    This article can be freely published on a website as long as it is not modified in any way including the author bylines and active hyperlinks.

    How to Begin a New Consulting Career

    A freelance job can take a lot of forms, from working nursing for those who need an overnight assist, to working a blog, or starting servers, or even writing articles for web sites who require them on a regular basis. Programmers who work freelance are often paid more than twice what they normally make for working in an office and Canada as well as the US offered these incentives, because they do not have to maintain offices and furnish the supplies for these type employees. Dave began on a smaller project and worked on a temporary basis. Many sites will offer some wonderful individuals who will pay well and in a timely way, however there are also those who will low ball and ask you to do an article along with research that may take upward of an hour, for two dollars or less. The company was pleased with his work and hired him to become a permanent part of their team. Finding a way to freelance for companies who need the services of someone like you, on a day to day basis is a great way to stay at home and support yourself and your family.

    Medical consulting is one that I took on, and it worked well for me because as a former nurse, some of the medical knowledge that I had was exactly what was necessary in the specific web site I worked for. Nurses who work freelance in the US make substantially more than they might do working in hospital, and give the fairly vast nursing shortage they can expect to be offered a great deal more in other countries. Consulting can be rewarding both personally and financially as in the case of Dave who currently works for one of the largest computer firms in the world. If you are tired of the day to day running to an office, don’t like alarm clocks or suits and decided that there had to be a better way to make a living, then you’re probably ready for a career change. Be careful to research the quality of those who want to buy your time or service, and to ask them for the names of others who have worked for them in the past so that you can assure yourself of their reputation as an employer and to be sure that they pay, and pay in a timely way. What I did, was to work several of those jobs each week, and to build a rapport with some of the companies, who then in turned used my service again and again, and offered some great referrals to assist me in finding others.

    Among the companies who use freelance assistance in some of their projects are some very well known companies such as: *Google, the search engine giant *Rent a Coder *Kelly Temps: supplies writers, secretaries, programmers and a wide array of temporary workers nationwide in the US. One way to get a foot in the door, is to seek out one of the many sites which have begun to pop up on the Internet that will match you up with those who want your services. No group will want to use someone who can’t write well, or whose grammar and English needs to be consistently corrected or replaced. He now travels both nationally and internationally to work on projects and has effectively tripled his salary from what it was when he began working for an ISP several years ago. Most will charge a small fee for you to use their service, but you will find the opportunity to bid on many different types and priced jobs, where you can begin to make a name in the consulting business. Many companies will hire those whose work they admire for a permanent placement. Make sure that when you work at the position, you will check and double check your work prior to turning it in. Freelance consulting may just be your step up to a new career path. When I was working nursing, I found that even the non skilled nursing jobs paid more for me in the open arenas such as home health than they did when I was working in house such as a hospital or nursing home. I left the office full time over 2 years ago, and although things were tight in the beginning, so far I haven’t’ looked back. Much like you’d not take a position that paid you two dollars an hour in the real world, so you can’t afford to do so when you are consulting and discouraging others from taking the lower pay will in the end help everyone involved in freelancing. So many fields are now open to the consultant that to choose a course that would serve well in all of them is difficult at best, however the one that springs immediately to mind would be of course English or grammar. Specific courses that might aid you in a consulting career would be as varied of course as your choice of the career to follow. Working for someone for two weeks, who doesn’t pay for two more weeks, probably will make living difficult when you are dependent upon your jobs for your support. Freelance Programmers and writers are in great demand by many US Companies, as are drivers, writers and medical personnel. Dependent upon your skills in the field that you’ve chosen you are well able to meet your needs financially by a career in consulting.

    I then took on a virtual assistant job that lasted for about 8 months, prior to moving back to writing articles and restarting servers again. Sun Micro-systems, who have been known to hire on a temp basis for a specific project. Signing on with a company to do a particular job and see it through to its completion will ease the concerns about that type of exploitation, with a set fee arranged for each job that you tackle, much like the salaried employee would have.